How You Can Prevent Anal Fissure – Follow 6 Simple Ways

One of the common diseases of anus and anal canal is Anal Fissure, a condition in which a small tear appears in the delicate tissue lining the anal canal. Constipation is the most common cause of the disease. A patient feels severe pain and bleeding during and immediately after the hard and dry bowel movement. Various medication treatments are available for the condition which can be controlled at the early stages. Surgical treatment is used to cure chronic Fissures.


Some of you might have gone through the treatment of Anal Fissure and so you definitely want to avoid getting the problem again. While some of you are constipated having high risk of developing Fissures. Here we give you some simple ways to prevent the condition:


The patients experiencing constipation, passing dry, hard and large stools, have high risks of getting Fissures in Anal Canal. The addition of fiber from various fruits and vegetables in the diet can prevent constipation. It is recommended to take 20 to 35 grams of fiber on daily basis. The fiber-rich foods are citrus fruits, prunes, peas, beans, nuts, seeds, wheat bran, oat bran, whole grains including popcorn, brown rice and oatmeal, whole grain pastas, breads and cereals. Patients can also take fiber supplements – as per the recommendations of the doctor- in case if they are not getting enough fiber intakes from diet. Whether you’re taking fiber supplement s or fiber-rich foods, make sure to gradually boost up the quantity unless you start noticing soft frequent bowel movements.


Keep yourself hydrated is the best way to prevent constipation. Drink plenty of liquids, mainly water, as they can add fluids to the system making stools soft and easy to pass through anal canal. Make sure to drink liquids during warm weather and when you feel physically active. The over-usage of some of the liquids can cause dehydration such as alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Try to avoid these types of liquids.


Lack of any physical activity is one of the most common causes of constipation. Exercise is the best way to keep good health and it prevents different types of diseases. Make sure to exercise daily for about 30 minutes then extend this time to 150 minutes every week. It helps the digestive system to move and work in the best shape. Moreover, when a person does any kind physical activity or exercise then it increases the urge to drink liquids preventing the condition.


It might happen that whenever our body tells us for a bowel movement, we normally put it off for some time and this is the point where we made a mistake. The longer we hold the stool, the harder and dryer it becomes making it tough to pass. Make sure to never ignore the urge of bowel movement and pass it at that time.


Below tips can lessen constipation and strain on the anal canal lowering the risk of developing painful Anal Fissures:


If fiber intake and fiber supplements are not treating constipation then laxatives may help. Different types of laxatives work in different ways. Ask your doctor which type of laxative is right for you and the time frame to take it. Bulk-forming laxatives are the safest form of laxatives. They increase the stools by allowing them to absorb and hold the fluid. Moreover, they encourage contractions in colon so that stools can easily move along. They can be taken with water.


If you start experiencing symptoms of Anal Fissures again after the treatment or whether they appear for the first time then it’s the time to consult Board Certified physician Dr. Bharat Dasani at our centre. He is highly recommended gastroenterologist for the treatment of Fissures and other types of anal canal diseases. We are here to give each patient the finest treatment plan completely curing the disease leading them to lead a healthy life.

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