How You Can Lose Weight Without Dieting – Follow 10 Helpful Ways


Whenever we think of the term “Weight Loss”, the first thought that comes to our mind is that the weight can be reduced by burning more calories than we take in. We can do this by reducing extra calories from the food we eat and burned them also by physical activity or exercise. While it seems really simple, but it can be a challenging task for most of us to implement an effective, practical and sustainable Weight Loss plan. One of the most common problems experienced by majority of us is to stick with a conventional diet plan that sometimes creates difficulty for us. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to reduce your weight without a diet plan. Here, we discuss these ways to lose weight without dieting:


Make sure to better chew your food because it makes you eat slowly which is associated with decreased food intake and increased fullness. How quickly you finish up your meal also greatly affects your weight? It has been observed that faster eaters (those who eat food fast) are more likely to gain weight than slower eaters (those who eat food slowly). Faster eaters can also have the risk of getting obese. When you eat the food fast then your stomach doesn’t get the time to tell your brain that it is now full and that is what leads you to overeating.


Instead of serving one veggie, try to serve at least three veggies at the dinner tonight along with more fruits. Eating more fruits and veggies with variety is the best way to lose weight. The high fiber and water content in them fills your stomach up with fewer calories. The great way to eat them is to cook them without fat and season them with herbs and lemon juice instead of high-fat sauces or other dressings.


In order to cut back 10 teaspoons of sugar, you can replace one regular soda – a sugary drink – with water or a zero calorie seltzer and you can also add mint, lemon or frozen strawberries for a flavor in it.


In order to lose weight without dieting, you must use a tall and skinny glass instead of short and wider glass for reducing liquid calories. In this way, you drink 25%-30% less soda, wine, juice or any other drink. This is a kind of a visual trick that can help you to consume less and lose weight without dieting.


Whenever you are in any occasion, follow the very first drink with non-alcoholic and low-calorie beverage such as sparkling water instead of beer, wine or cocktail. Alcohol has more calories per gram as compared to carbohydrates and proteins. Alcohol can also increase your appetite to eat chips or nuts or any other food that you normally limit it.


According to the study in Journal of the American Dietician Association, women who do yoga tend to have less weight than other women. Yoga develops a careful approach to eating, for example, those people tend to notice large portions of meals in restaurants but they only eat that is enough for them to feel full. It has been observed that the calm self awareness which is developed through yoga help people to resist overeating.


Eating home-cooked foods instead of outside foods at least five days a week helps to lose your weight. Cooking at home is now become much easier because we have shortcut foods that make our cooking quicker, such as pre-cut veggies, pre-chopped lean beef, canned beans, washed lettuce, grilled deli salmon or cooked chicken strips.


If you have served yourself with larger dishes and more food then automatically you eat more. So, there is a way that you can cut out 100-200 calories per day and lose 10-20 pounds in one year. Simply, choose a 10-inch lunch plate rather than 12-inch dinner plate and you automatically eat less.


Large food portion sizes encourage the people to eat more and so the result is increased obesity and weight gain problem. It has been observed that in adults, if we double the size of a dinner starter then it increased the calorie intake by 30%. So, make sure to serve yourself less food portions that help you to eat significantly less food and you wouldn’t even notice the difference.


Most of us normally neglect sleep and stress when it comes to our health but both can powerfully affect our appetite and weight. Lack of sleep can disrupt the appetite regulating hormones which are leptin and ghrelin. When you are stressed, another hormone, called cortisol becomes high. When these hormones become elevated, they also increase your hunger and need for unhealthy food which ultimately leads to high calorie intake. Moreover, lack of sleep and stress also increases the risk of other serious medical conditions such as Diabetes and obesity. In short, you need to manage your sleep and avoid taking stress in order to lose weight without dieting.


There are lots of simple lifestyle habits that can help in Weight Loss, while some of which have no link with conventional dieting or exercise plans. I wouldn’t suggest you to try all of these ways at once; you can start experimenting with one tip for some time and if it worked well for you then try another way. Remember, that a few simple changes can greatly impact for a long time period.

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