How Much Does Upper GI Endoscopy Costs In USA?

If your physician has recommended you to undergo Upper GI Endoscopy then the first question that comes to your mind is: What is the cost of Upper GI Endoscopy? This is the question that majority of patients think before undergoing the procedure. So, in today’s article, we talk about the Upper GI Endoscopy cost or an average cost of Endoscopy in the United States.

Before explaining the cost of Upper GI Endoscopy, let’s take a brief overview of the procedure itself, why it is done, what are its side effects:


Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) Endoscopy is the visual examination of the upper organs of the digestive tract that includes the esophagus, stomach and upper part of the small intestine (duodenum). The medical term to use for the Endoscopy is Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. The procedure of Upper GI Endoscopy is performed by using an instrument called Endoscope that is a long, flexible tube having a light and camera to take the images of the internal organs of the body. The endoscope is inserted through the mouth of the patient and the camera takes the images and transmits them to the video monitor.



Although the procedure is safe, there may be a risk of certain complications that include bleeding, infection or any reaction to sedation.

Now, we explain the cost of Upper GI Endoscopy:


The average cost of Upper GI Endoscopy in the USA widely varies because different factors influence the price of the procedure. One of these factors is health insurance coverage.

If you are covered by the health insurance, the cost that you need to pay out-of-pocket includes the office visit co-pay and coinsurance of 10% – 50% for the procedure. The average cost of the Endoscopy, depending on the particular insurance, can become around $1000 or more.

If you are not covered by the health insurance, you need to pay an expensive price for the procedure. The average cost can reach $1,500 to $10,000 as it depends on the geographic location, provider, whether sedation/anesthesia is used or not, whether the procedure is performed in an imaging center or in hospital. Although the national average cost of Endoscopy is $2,700 the Upper GI Endoscopy cost without insurance it can reach to $10,000 or even more.


There are additional costs that needed to add in the final bill but it depends on the procedure performed for the specific patient. You may not need to pay these additional costs if your procedure doesn’t require them. For example, if the tissue sample is not taken and the procedure is performed for looking a bleeding source then the cost is easily affordable but if the sample is taken or there is a possibility of cancer then the procedure becomes more pricey.

If the doctor thinks necessary to take the biopsy during the procedure, the cost of procedure and laboratory would add in the final bill. As a result, several thousand dollars added to the complete cost of Endoscopy with biopsy. On the other hand, biopsy only costs for $1,100 – $4,800.


There are also some low-cost or free clinics that offer an easy access to the specialist care while the U.S Department of Health & Human Services provides you the facility to look for federally funded health clinics. You can easily avail this offer if your nearby clinic doesn’t offer the endoscopy.

So, you can see that the exact cost of Upper GI Endoscopy is difficult to estimate because a lot of different factors involved in determining the cost and conditions of every patient also vary.


When you experience the symptoms and signs regarding the upper digestive tract, consult the gastroenterologist and make sure to provide all the details of the symptoms to the doctor. This helps the doctor to determine whether you need Upper GI Endoscopy.

If the physician recommends you Upper GI Endoscopy to complete the diagnosis, remember to discuss all the factors about the cost of Endoscopy with the physician. Tell your physician if you are insured or underinsured and discuss the additional costs as well.


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